So after a few hours spent in Starbucks agonising over this new platform, I officially have a new blog! Previously I dabbled in Blogger, but found that it was slightly inflexible for what I am trying to achieve. Nevertheless, there’s a link at the end to check out the few posts that were written on there.

Since I have a lot of time on my hands over the next few months, I have set myself the task of broadening my written and analytical repertoire before going off to university. Dedicating myself to a blog is going to be an enjoyable challenge, and one that I hope will set a confident basis for a future career in journalism.

From ‘Poetry’ you can expect to see some of my past published work, as well as new material and ideas.

From ‘Reviews’ there will be a regular influx of theatre, film, and book reviews. The ‘Anon Writers’ have recently been approached by IW Theatre to write reviews and feature articles for local productions. Next week I am off to the Apollo Theatre in Newport to see ‘The History Boys’ (a play familiar to me through AS Literature.) This is an opportunity that all of us are very excited about! Moreover, being the bookworm that I am, I will post a lot of content on the kind of books I am reading at a given time.

For ‘Projects’ I will discuss the progress of the second book that our writing group are working on, additional publications (I’m writing another piece for Clarissa soon), and a mind-blowing project of my own that I will announce in the next few weeks!

And finally, from ‘Lifestyle’, you can expect the unexpected! Possible ideas swirling around in my head at the moment include Game of Thrones theories, academic advice, and personal perspectives on relevant social issues.

The name and tagline may seem slightly ambiguous, but there is meaning behind them. The name of the blog epitomises one of the all-too-common phrases belonging to the country I am from (UK.) My use of vocabulary and eloquence is often commented on, so I saw fit to parody it. As for the tagline, it is a lyric from the song ‘Goodness Gracious’ by Ellie Goulding. And to be honest, as you learn more about my life and interests, you’ll realise that – like Ellie – I can’t seem to stop either…

That’s all for now! #watchthisspace



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