A floral, joyful, indecisive feminist poet, 19 year old Hannah Sothcott has much to say about the world. At present she can be found working on motivational speeches, spoken word poetry, and personalised essays on topics such as gender equality and mental health. Some of Hannah’s notable past achievements include a ‘Yoppul’ review on the IOW Festival praised by John Giddings in 2015; a rant about Ross Geller published by feminist and pop culture blog ‘Clarissa Explains F*** All‘, and last but not least, the ‘Anonthology’ by the Anon Writers. Hannah has recently accepted an unconditional offer from the University of Lancaster to study English Literature. Her inspirations include Bill Nighy, Caitlin Moran, Anne Hathaway, Hannah Witton, and Laura Bates (to name but a few…)

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Featured Writer: Hannah Sothcott

“Dear Ross” by Hannah Sothcott